The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mexico City…that Even Foodies Will Love

Cauliflower Coconut Pineapple Pink Taco at Pitahaya Vegana Mexico City Vegan Food August 2019 (2)
Cauliflower Coconut Pineapple Pink Taco at Pitahaya Vegana Mexico City Vegan Food August 2019

Mexico City is well-known as a foodie destination. With streets full of fresh tacos and warm tamales, it is a traveler’s paradise for delicious cuisine. However, it also has an impressive plant-based community.

Vegan restaurants showcase traditional dishes with a modern plant-forward twist. I visited Mexico City in August 2019 and did my best to try a variety of vegan eating options. Whether you’re 100% plant-based or simply a foodie traveler, you’ll love Mexico City. You can find innovative, delicious dishes at these eateries.

Here are some of my favorites:

1) Pitahaya Vegana

Pitahaya Vegana is a cute vegan restaurant located in Roma, a tranquil neighborhood in Mexico City. “Pitahaya” refers to the pink dragon fruit that grows on cactus. Likewise, this restaurant is known for its signature pink tacos. Plant-based eaters will love the interesting veggie fillings – like Curry Potato and Cauliflower with Coconut “Cheese”. Foodies will love the authentic tamales, baked in banana leaves and garnished with puffed amaranth. This is a must-visit stop.

Ideal For: Authentic Mexican cuisine, served with an innovative twist. Great for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Perfect stop before an afternoon strolling around the parks or taking in the Medellin Market.

Must Try: Definitely order the pink tacos. They offer over 6 varieties, and you can mix-and-match as you like. I went back twice to try all of them, and none of them disappointed. Fresh, light, delicious flavor.

2) Vegano MX

I’m not sure what’s more lovable about Vegano MX: It’s adorable, treehouse décor or its mole sauce. This bright, airy restaurant is located near the Palacio de Balles Artes and huge public park, Alameda Central. They have a big selection of interesting breakfast items like Matcha Waffles and Chilaquiles in Mole or Sasla Roja.

Their lunch and dinner selections also impress. With a wide selection of hearty salads, a variety of plant-based burgers, and specials like Cauliflower Tempura, Vegan Pad Thai, and Enchiladas, there’s something for everyone. Plus, with a fabulous selection of baked goods, this makes the perfect place to stop for a quick treat. Drop by on your way to exploring the historic Zocalo or nearby museums.

Ideal For: Both traditional Mexican cuisine and international dishes in a casual setting. Great for breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon snack. Perfect for solo travelers looking for some peace and quiet to recharge their minds (and their cell phones).

Must Try: The Enmoladas are ridiculous. Enchiladas are smothered in a mole sauce that satisfies you to the core. I thought I would eat just a few bites of this dish to try it. Yet, I was practically licking the plate before I finished. The big selection of baked goods and breakfast items also are quite enticing.

Enmolades from Vegamo MX Mexico City Vegan Food August 2019 (1)
Enmolades from Vegamo MX Mexico City

3) Forever Vegano

Another must-visit stop in Roma is Forever Vegano. This vegan restaurant is a Mexico City staple, offering delicious plant-based dishes from breakfast to dinner. Foodies will love the creative, innovative menu. There are plenty of interesting items like Tuna Sushi Toast, Temple Flowers, Smoked Betabels, Mushroom Mole, and Spaghetti Provencal. Vegans will love the huge selection of breakfast items, juices, smoothies, and decadent desserts.

The large seating area offers lots of options for guests. You can sit outside to enjoy the fresh air with a friend. Or, sit upstairs in the loft with a larger group. Perhaps you prefer to cozy up in a nook downstairs for a romantic candle-lit evening.

Ideal For: Those seeking a big selection of both traditional Mexican dishes (like tacos and tamales) as well as international flavors (like pad Thai, sushi, and Italian pasta). Great for a hearty breakfast or brunch. Perfect for an intimate dinner.

Must-Try: Get the Sushi Toast appetizer. There was so much complexity going on in this dish; it inspired my creativity as a chef. A crisp tortilla is layered with tuna fruit made to look like tuna sushi. It’s topped with crisped pona and thinly sliced serrano peppers. Unreal. Also check out the fresh juices. They are so satisfying.

4) Por Siempre Vegana

For the authentic Mexican taqueria experience, you have to go to Por Siempre Vegana. This vegan spot welcomes you with a big seitan “al Pastor” roasting away. Cheap, quick tacos feature vegan versions of your classic Mexican options. You’ll find seiten al Pastor and soy Chorizo. This is a cash-only joint, and don’t expect stellar service. However, it’s a bit of an institution among backpackers, and there’s something on the menu for everyone.

Seitan al Pastor at Por Siempre Vegano Mexico City Vegan Food August 2019
Seitan al Pastor at Por Siempre Vegano Mexico City Vegan Food August 2019

Ideal For: Quick, budget-friendly food in a super-casual setting. Open late, this is great for stopping by on your way home from the bar. You can nosh on a few greasy tacos to soak up some of that mezcal. Great for both a big crowd or solo travelers looking for a quick snack.

Must-Try: The best part about Por Siempre Vegana is the huge toppings bar. Just like an authentic taqueria, they offer a big selection of salsas, charred onions, and spicy peppers. Foodies will love trying all of the authentic toppings. Vegans will love the cruelty-free cheeses and sweet desserts.

5) Mercado Roma

The first thing you’ll notice about Mercado Roma is the beautiful, airy design. This fancy food court features international vendors with a wide selection of dishes. You’ll find everything from Spanish Paella to sushi burritos to authentic churros. There’s also a good amount of wine, coffee, and alcohol.  Plus, there’s a cool bookseller to look for some Mexican cookbooks.

Mercado Roma Mexico City Vegan Food August 2019
Mercado Roma Mexico City Vegan Food August 2019

Set in the trendy Roma neighborhood, the space has a boisterous, sun-filled casual vibe during the day. Yet, at night, it comes alive with live music and mezcal offerings.

Perfect For: A large crowd with eclectic tastes, as there’s something for everyone. Plant-based eaters will appreciate the options at each vendor. There’s vegan paella, tacos, ramen, and even popsicles. For everyone else, there is a huge selection of traditional dishes, chocolates, and other treats. With stalls selling everything from salt shakers to wine glasses, this also makes a great spot for picking up some cute souvenirs.

Must-Try: Check out the Italian gelato from My Choice Italian shop or the vegan popsicles from Bendita Paleta. There’s also a huge juice bar offering refreshing imbibements if you’re craving something lighter.

6) Helado Obscuro

Adulthood pleasures and childhood fantasies collide at Helado Obscuro. This ice cream shop, with 7 locations throughout Mexico City, infuses its creamy creations with alcohol. The menu is set up more like a spirits list: Sorted by wine, beer, mezcal, whiskey, vodka, and even cognac.

There are flavors for everyone. Foodies and vegans can both enjoy the creative combinations and laugh at whimsical names. There’s Brandy Despistachio, Whiskey Alice in Wonderbra, and Mezcal Dulce Diabla.

Helado Obscuro Ice Cream Mexico City Vegan Food August 2019 (2)
Helado Obscuro Ice Cream Mexico City Vegan Food August 2019

Perfect For: Adventurists seeking something outside the box. The shops are great for a quick, casual stop. Either eat-in or take your cone to go. The locations are set in beautiful neighborhoods with plenty of parks to sit and enjoy.

Must-Try: Ask the staff for “Vegano” flavors. When I was there, they pointed to a long list that included items made from coconut milk and fruit sorbet. They are well-trained and eager to help. Plus, they’ll sample out any flavor you like.

Street Food Vendors

As a vegan, it may seem intimidating to approach a street food vendor. Even foodies might be hesitant if their Spanish vocabulary isn’t polished on the various cuts of meat. However, the street food in Mexico City is incredible!

Eat Mexico Street Food Tour Mexico City Vegan Food August 2019 (5)
Many street vendors are happy to accommodate to vegan requests

I found cooks to be very warm and welcoming. They used delicious plant-based ingredients like beans, corn, mushrooms, zucchini squash blossoms, and masa. There were so many delicious authentic dishes to try. Foods like sweet pink masa tamales, bean tamales with mole, squash blossom tacos, mushroom sopes, and bean gorditas. Plus, even many of the desserts were vegan. Authentic Mexican chocolate is “sin leche” (without milk) and naturally sweetened with agave.

Aside from savory foods, there are also fruit vendors and fresh juices all over the city. It’s a Mexican tradition to order some fresh fruit like mango, pineapple, tuna cactus fruit, watermelon, or papaya. They’ll ask if you want chili and lime or “nado mas” (plain). Opt for the chili and lime to taste the spicy twist.

Perfect For: Everyone! Don’t be afraid. However, it helps to learn a few key phrases before traveling:

  • “Yo soy vegano/vegana” – I am vegan
  • “Sin leche, sin crema, sin queso, sin huevos” – Without milk, cream, cheese, or eggs
  • “Si possible hacer con frijoles, maiz, or papas?” – Is it possible to make with beans, corn, or potato?

Must-Try: The giant Oaxacan Tyludas, aka “Mexican pizza”. They sell these huge corn tortilla discs in the historic Zocalo area of the city, near the Cathedral and Templo Mayor. However, you can also find them in the bigger public parks. Also try the Aztec giant roasted corn on the cob, sprinkled with chili and a squeeze of fresh lime.

The Markets

If you venture into one of the markets, load up on plenty of fresh produce, nuts, seeds, and tortillas available. Gorgeous stalls offer piles of fresh, seasonal fruits and colorful vegetables. Nuts and seeds like cashews, pumpkin seeds, and pecans are native to the area. You’ll also find grains like amaranth, rice, and oats. Be bold, and try something new. At only a few pesos, it won’t cost you much if you end up not liking something.

Must-Try: Some of my favorite “only in warm climate” treats include guava fruit, tuna fruit, passionfruit, and rambutan. You’ve also got to try out all of the different moles. Pick up a kilo or two to bring home.

Places I Didn’t Get To

There are over 200 offerings for vegan and vegetarian eateries on Happy Cow. This website is a helpful resource for plant-based eating anywhere in the world. It’s one of my go-to essentials to navigating a new city. Plus, there are helpful reviews from other vegans.

Next time, I hope to taste even more of Mexico City. I ran out of time, but there are plenty of other exciting spots. Some other popular vegan-friendly restaurants on my list include:

  • VEGuerrero – Vegan Mexican tacos, flautas, and other street food
  • Salvaxe MX – serving vegan pizzas and sweet breads
  • Los Loosers – Asian-inspired fusion menu with vegan burgers
  • Pan Comido – Casual café offering sandwiches, baked goods, and breakfast
  • Tao – macrobiotic menu

Want to See My Video?

I put together a video of my favorite spots. Check it out on Instagram:

Best Vegan Places in Mexico City

Your Recommendations?

Have you been to Mexico City? What are your recommendations for plant-based vegan eating in the city?

Please share below. Please keep it 100% plants.

Thank you!

Maiz and Paz,


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