• Tasty Avocado Recipes

    A collection of vegan avocado recipes. Think beyond guacamole. Avocadoes are a healthy substitute for dairy in a whole foods, plant-based, oil-free diet.

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  • Authentic Mexican Recipes: Oil-Free Plant-Based Vegan Dishes

    Mexican Cooking centers around simple ingredients: corn, rice, beans, peppers, and avocado.  Authentic Mexican recipes focus on fresh flavors.  Tortillas are used to make tacos, enchiladas, and tostadas.  Dried chili peppers make smoky, spicy salsas.  Cilantro and lime add bright finishes that make you feel like your soaking up the sun on a warm Oaxacan

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  • Plant-Based 101 and the Essential Oil-Free Vegan Recipes You Need

    There are many reasons to try a plant-based diet. All of them are good motivation. It’s a big first step to acknowledge that you want to change. But how do you do it?
    This is your guide to Plant-Based 101. Learn the basics on how to change, what to eat, and some easy recipes to get you started.

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  • Mexican Cooking 101: Chef’s Guide for Delicious, Plant-Based Authentic Flavor

    Mexican Cooking 101 May 5th is “Cinco de Mayo”, the day in 1862 when the Mexican army overcame France for a symbolic victory that eventually led to Mexico’s Independence.  While it has remained a relatively minor celebration south of the border, in the US, Cinco de Mayo has become a day to celebrate Mexican heritage, with

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  • Carrot Basics: Picking, Storing, Nutrition and Healthy, Oil-Free Vegan Recipes

    How to pick, store, and cook healthy, oil-free vegan recipes. When to choose organic. Plus, nutrition information on this delicious root vegetable. Season Carrots are traditionally harvested in the fall, like most root vegetables.  However, you can find carrots year-round almost anywhere. Choosing Bright, Firm: Bright, firm carrots means they’ve been picked recently and stored

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  • Spice Essentials Guide: Chef’s Tips for How to Use Spices for Delicious, Healthy Cooking

    Spices are key to creating delicious flavor in any kitchen. If you’re concerned about eating healthy, though, spices are even more important. Rather than relying on fat, salt, or refined oils, quality spices can transform any dish from “home cook” to “restaurant worthy”. However, many times we are lost on how to use spices. Sometimes it’s hard to

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