• The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mexico City…that Even Foodies Will Love

    Mexico City has been one of my favorite destinations for authentic, delicious food. There are tons of vegan restaurants, and I’ve put together a list of my favorites. Even foodies will love these spots, featuring both traditional and innovative dishes.

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  • The Best Easy, Travel-Friendly Healthy Plant-Based Salad

    This is the best travel-friendly plant-based salad! Healthy tomatoes, bell peppers, and beans come together quickly for this easy vegan recipe.

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  • Is My Heart Open? How travel has allowed me to shed the things that weigh me down

      Guatemala:  March 2018 Is My Heart Open? I booked my trip to Guatemala 2 months after my heart was broken. A year and a half relationship was ripped apart with little foreshadowing.  In one quick phone call, my hopes of forever-love were torn down.  19 months of “together” dissolved in less than 19 minutes.

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