Can I use your recipe/image?

Images – Yes. Thanks for sharing! You can share a photo per recipe. Please link to the original recipe post on my blog for each photo you share. If you make an adaptation of one of my recipes, don’t use my photos for that adaptation. Don’t use my photos to promote one of your recipes.

Recipes (Copy or republish) – No. I don’t allow my recipes to be republished. If you copy and paste my recipe, it affects negatively Plants Rule (and you too) in search results. If you would like an adapted version, please email me here.

Recipes (Inspiring or adaptations) – Yes. You can be inspired by my recipes. That’s the point! You must rewrite the entire recipe and post with your own words and not using the exact same ingredients and measurements. If your recipe was inspired by one of mine, please credit with a link back to the original post.

Don’t use my content and charge others for its use. Don’t use my photos to promote nor sell your products.

An example of Image sharing is:

Chunky Monkey Bars

The recipe for these plant-based Chunky Monkey Bars is on Plants-Rule.com
(please include a link to the recipe and the URL of the site – thank you!)

I like your photos, could I buy a few to use on my web or business?

If you’re interested in my photos, email me.

I can work with you to create new images on request for you too.

I have a business and I’d like you to place an ad of my product on Plants-Rule.com, what can I do?

If the product is vegan and related to my blog’s topic, you can email me.

Do you accept sponsored posts?

If you want us to make a sponsored post about your product I can do it as long as it aligns with my values, with the blog topic and can be useful to my readers. The product should be vegan.

Can I send you my product in exchange for a post?

There is no guarantee that a product would be featured in a post. However, if you think your product aligns with the Plants Rule message, you can talk to Chef Katie more. The product should be vegan.

Do you accept guest posts?

No, I prefer to write my own posts.

What is your affiliate policy?

I recommend products I’ve used and trust. I love these products and find them useful.

Some of the links to the products and services you see on Plants Rule are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through these links, I’ll earn a commission (it doesn’t rise the price). I use what I receive from these commissions to enhance and maintain Plants Rule.

I am not interested in unsolicited affiliate programs.

Who did the design for Plants Rule?

I worked with Grip, a Chicago-based creative agency, to design the new brand and create the initial layout, styles, and artwork you see on Plants Rule.

What is your comment policy?

Every comment is welcome, I’d love for you to participate. I love positive criticism, but if I consider a comment offensive or off topic, it will be erased.

What can I do if I don’t want to miss any of your recipes?

The easiest way is to subscribe by email to receive every new post right in your email inbox. You can also follow me on social media.

Do you use social media?

Yep! You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Google Plus.

Where do you get the recipes?

I get the inspiration for my recipes from my families, travel, restaurants, books and other blogs.

What is your background in food or nutrition?

I have been classically trained in culinary arts with an Associate’s Degree from Kendall College. I have my Plant-Based certificate from the T. Colin Campbell program at Cornell University. I spent 2 years as the Wellness Chef at Whole Foods Market, developing recipes and teaching classes for a whole foods, plant-based, oil-free, vegan diet.

I made your recipe but it didn’t work, why?

Maybe the ingredients aren’t exactly the same, furthermore baking times vary depending on each oven, the weather and the humidity. If you have any doubt, please leave a comment in the recipe’s post so I can help others too.

What’s your favorite recipe?

My favorite recipes are Vegan Oreo ice cream and Vegan gluten free Spanish omelette, and I love Vegan gluten free brownies and Chinese fried rice.

Do you follow any diet?

I am oil-free, plant-based most of the time. My job as a personal chef and recipe developer necessitates that I still taste foods with meat and dairy. When I travel, I will taste new foods that might contain meat, dairy, oil, and refined sugars. You can read more here: Is 90% Good Enough

Why do you eat like that?

Eating this way feels the best for my body. It has helped me manage food addiction and opened my creativity as a chef. It is also the most sustainable way to eat for the health of the planet.

I have a question which isn’t on this page.

You can email chefkatiesimmons (at) outlook (dot) com

Thanks for asking!