• Oil-Free Curry Roasted Cauliflower and Yukons

      Easy|  Servings: 4  |  Ready In: 30 minutes |  Yield: 8-10 cups soup Indian curry powder is a spice blend that balances heat, sweet, and some interesting twists.  It provides healthy flavor and beautiful color to oil-free roasted potatoes and cauliflower.  This fat-free, gluten-free, vegan recipe pairs well with Baked Curry Samosas and Dill

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  • Vegan Irish Potato Kale Colcannon

    Easy |  Servings: 6 |  Ready In: 20 minutes |  Yield: 6 cups Irish colcannon is a traditional comfort food, usually made by mashing together hearty potatoes and cabbage. This dairy-free vegan version swaps out the cabbage for a more vibrant green color with kale. A simple, easy, one-pot dish that works great as a

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