• 10-Minute Roman Chickpea “Tu-No” Salad

    Easy |  Servings: 6 |  Ready In: 10 minutes |  Yield: 4 cups Healthy chickpeas replace tuna in this easy vegan recipe.  A quick, oil-free dressing is made from tahini, Dijon mustard, and capers.  Mediterranean “Roman” flavor comes from a colorful mix of sun-dried tomatoes, bell pepper, olives, and more.  This plant-based, gluten-free, salad is

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  • Bulgur Stuffed Zucchini Boats

              Medium  |  Servings: 4  |  Ready In: 70 minutes |  Yield: 8 zucchini Cracked wheat, aka Bulgur, makes for a light, nutritious stuffing in this summer-inspired dish.  You can use this wholegrain stuffing for other vegetables like bell peppers, Chinese eggplant, and yellow summer squash.  Packed with healthy fiber and

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  • Big ‘Ole Italian Chickpea Salad

    Easy  |  Servings: 6  |  Ready In: 10minutes |  Yield: 10 Cups Salad Chickpeas, olives, capers, and summer’s garden-fresh vegetables come together in this easy, flavorful salad. This vegan, oil-free, gluten-free recipe is a snap to make, and it gets even better the next day.  Enjoy with Cavolo Nero soup for a healthy dinner or

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