• Easy Oil-Free Garlic Greens

    Easy |  Servings: 6  |  Ready In: 15  minutes |  Yield: 6 cups This easy, oil-free starts by infusing water with garlic and red chili flake. Dark greens like chard, kale, and spinach then sauté for a simple plant-based recipe that is full of delicious Italian flavor.  Enjoy on its own or serve with Pasta “alla

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  • Charred Zucchini and Summer Squash Quinoa Salad

      Medium |  Servings: 6  |  Ready In: 25 minutes |  Yield: 8 cups Charred summer zucchini and yellow squash pair with quinoa, basil, and mint, for a delicious, gluten-free salad.  This is oil-free vegan recipe is packed with healthy protein and the flavors of summer. Enjoy with Sweet Potato Fries, Sweet Corn Succotash and

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