• My Responsibilities as a Chef Part Three: Pushing the Limits

    As a student in culinary school, I first learned how to develop delicious flavor.  I learned to let nothing go to waste, to honor history and location. I then learned about the environmental impact of our food choices and how to balance nutrition and budget. Now it’s time to take what I’ve learned as a

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  • My Responsibilities as a Chef Part Two: Respecting Nutrition, Environment, Budget

    In my first post about My Responsibilities as a Chef Part One, I talked about the history of the culinary arts.  My training in culinary school gave me the foundation to respect the history of this art.  I learned to make everything delicious.  I learned to waste nothing and to respect season and location.  This

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  • My Responsibilities as a Chef Part One: Honoring Culinary Tradition

    The Chef’s Code “Chef” literally means “Chief”.  The title carries a weight with it much more than a humble cook.  With chefs, there is a lineage of respect.  Generation after generation, technique and tradition have been passed along.  Whether the lessons came from a four-star Michelin chef or a self-taught Indian Daadee, along with those

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