• Is 90% Good Enough? What we can learn from the Reducetarian Approach and Blue Zones about Vegan Diets

    Is 90% Good Enough? Sometimes the idea of a 100% vegan diet can seem so overwhelming that it detracts us from the big picture.  The all-or-nothing approach might appeal to some, especially those of us who thrive off of extremes and set boundaries.  However, the totally plant-based lifestyle is foreign to our traditional Standard American

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  • Can We Fight Cancer with Food? Tips from Lori Bumbaco, Plant-Based Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist

    Can we fight cancer with food? Some of you are saying “Duh”. And some of you aren’t so sure. The debate over the relationship between diet and cancer-prevention has been going on for decades.  On one hand, you have doctors and scientists pointing to countless studies showing the correlation between poor nutrition and cancer cell

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  • “There’s No Turning Back”: Allyson S., 27 year-old plant-based rockstar

    “I thought 25 is supposed to be the time of your life when you feel like a rock star. I didn’t.” Meet Allyson Allyson is a 27 year old woman who adopted a plant-based diet for health reasons. She didn’t have a major heart attack, wage a battle with cancer, nor receive a diagnosis of

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