Personal Coaching with Chef Katie Simmons


Do you struggle to find healthy recipes that also satisfying other specific dietary issues?  Do you lack the time, energy, or creativity to create delicious, healthy meals during the week?

Let Chef Katie help!

  • She has extensive knowledge cooking for special diets including gluten-free (for Celiac), low-residue (for Crohn’s and IBS), FodMAP, allergy-specific, during cancer treatment, and picky eaters.
  • She will work with you to create a personalized meal plan, shopping lists, and realistic cooking approach
  • She will give you the tools and motivation to stay committed to a healthy eating program

You can do it!

  • 60-minute Initial “Get Started” Session = $110
  • 3-session “Make it Happen” Package = $300
  • 30-minute “Stay on Track” Session = $60


Do you need that extra motivation to get healthy? Want some help in the kitchen? Whether you’re just starting a plant-based diet, or you’re trying to improve your vegan cooking, Chef Katie is here to help. She’ll work with you to tackle some of your biggest challenges and set-up a program to ensure success for your healthy lifestyle.



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